Bruno S. Sergi

Professor Bruno S. Sergi

University of Messina, Italy


Bruno Sergi graduated with an MSc and MPhil in Economics from the University of London and a PhD in Economics from the University of Greenwich Business School London. He is currently teaching 'Economic Policy' and 'International Political Economy' and coordinating the PhD program in Economic Sciences and Quantitative Methods at the University of Messina. He is an instructor of The Economics of Emerging Markets Asia and Eastern Europe and Political Economy of Russia and China at Harvard University.He has taught and done research at New York University, the IMF, CERC-University of Melbourne, among others. He has been an Honorary Fellow of the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne (2010-2011). Sergi is a Fellow of the Lab-Center for Competitiveness at Grenoble cole de Management and has been a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for EMEA Banking, Finance and Economics at the London Metropolitan Business School. In addition, he mentors two networks of trade unions economic experts: the Southeast Europe Trade Union Economic Experts Network and the Eastern Europe Trade Union Economic Experts Network (the two networks operate under the framework of the Pan-European Regional Council of the International Trade Union Confederation Brussels). Sergi s primary research interest is international macroeconomics and the political economy of transition countries. His previous scholarly articles have appeared in Comparative Economic Studies; Development; European Journal of Development Research; Global Economic Review; Global Economy Journal; Eastern European Economics; Journal of Post Keynesian Economics; Problems of PostCommunism, among other journals. He is the founder and Editor-InChief of International Journal of Trade and Global Markets; International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies and International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance.